About Us

Achieving Universal Access To Energy And A Low Carbon, High Well-Being Economy

Mesha was formed in January, 2012 and is based in the USA serving global markets. We develop energy storage solutions that are Hybrid Ultra Capacitor (HUC) based. Our solutions can be utilized with grid, alternate energy, and combination power sources for storage and harvesting. Our products are designed for high growth application areas and are uniquely positioned such that it works on grid energy source as well as alternate energy sources.

We have partnered with world reputed institutions for product licensing, testing, and validation. We have an experienced team that has built successful ventures.

According to research studies done by ABI, the market for ultra capacitors will grow to multi Billion dollars by the year 2020. Mesha is very well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. The growth in renewable energy markets worldwide has led to an increased focus on energy storage. Whether a renewable energy system is grid-tied with battery backup or operating completely off grid, the battery bank is a vital component. Deep-cycle, lead acid batteries continue to be a leading choice for energy storage. The current battery based energy storage systems can store large amount of energy but they are limited by the following:

  • Limited number of charge/discharge cycles, hence shorter battery life.
  • Slow charge and discharge rate does not meet the needs of some of the applications (store energy quickly, lack of quick delivery of power).